Goal Setting Formulation

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Goal Setting Formulation

Adopt a healthy approach to reviewing your goals

At the start of each year, it is normal and expected for people to create a list of goals they commit to.

Whether it is losing weight or saving a certain amount of money before the end of the year, each of us is aware of and accountable for the goals we have set, and the process of revisiting and reviewing these goals is equally important...

With just a few months left in 2022, it makes sense to revisit your list of goals to reassess and strategies.

Here are a few healthy and productive ways of reviewing goals.

Going back to our goals is a necessary tool to bring us closer to achieving them. The changes and challenges you may be facing can be seen clearly. This will help you to better identify and analyse recurring themes, as well as challenges that are holding you back.

Indeed, the process of reviewing one’s goals can get overwhelming. For some, it may be enough reason to get tempted into a pit of disappointment, self-judgment and harsh self-criticism.

For this reason, the process of reviewing goals is one that requires a mixture of self-compassion, grace, accountability and self-correcting.

Sometimes the reviewing process can be detrimental and lead to giving up. It’s important to celebrate every win and progress, acknowledging where you have slacked, for whatever reason.

Go into it with an open mind. Nobody knows the context of your life more than you do. Approach things with an attitude of grace because you are human and are bound to make mistakes. You will know how much grace to apply to yourself

Don’t let it get too toxic and obsessive

Though reviewing goals is good, the idiom “too much of a good thing is bad’” equally applies. And while there is no one-size-fits-all method, I would recommend reviewing goals every six weeks. Be careful not to perform the exercise too often and in a manner that becomes unhealthy, toxic and obsessive.

I would recommend segmenting goals into manageable chunks (daily, weekly and monthly goals).

Your daily review is only applicable to the goals for that day and your weekly review for the goals of the week. Reviewing your yearly goals every day is unnecessary and can be overwhelming.

I have a FREE "Goal Structure Sheet" to download that will help you set and maintain your goals.

Additionally, we need to make provision for life and its uncertainties. After all, setting goals and developing action plans does not mean there will be no challenges along the way. There is likely to be a hurdle here and there, even a detour or two.

For such circumstances, leaving room for life to happen and being willing to alter the timelines attached to our goals where necessary.

Life happens. We live in uncertain times. However, when we take time and stock, we may find that we can still achieve our goals even when the timeline has changed.

It’s OK to start over

We’re dynamic beings who are constantly evolving. When reviewing our list of goals, we may find that what we set out to achieve at the start of the year no longer resonates with the current version of ourselves.

Change is a good thing. But we need to make sure that we are clear on the WHY. One needs to be clear and have a sense of peace in us before one makes a life-changing decision to change. It is important to interrogate the goal before you discard it altogether.

Ask yourself why you wanted this, why it was important and what has changed?

Here are a few tips to review in a healthy and productive manner

Here’s a simple five-step mid-year goal review blueprint to help you effectively reach your goals:

Identify your progress by using my FREE "Goal Setting Structure Sheet" (and celebrate it!)

Even if you’ve not made as much progress as you’d hope for, identify the progress made. No amount is too small.

Identify the gap

Look at where you missed the mark as well as the reasons you’re not where you thought you’d be.

Self-evaluation and reflection

Start looking behind the curtain to determine what you’ve learned and how to leverage it to your benefit.

Review and reassess your priorities

Sometimes your experiences will affect your priorities – and hence your goals. That’s why it’s important to review and reassess your current priorities (because they may have changed).

Course correct and recommit to reaching your goals

Identify the changes you want to make – both to your goals and to your behaviour.

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Goal Setting Formulation


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